Jennifer Kushell: You should never underestimate how much you can achieve in your life.Dream Big!

“You should never underestimate how much you can achieve in your life”, said Jennifer Kushell, the founder and CEO of Young & Successful Media to me when I was 25. Those words have kept me on moving and focusing on building the future. Remember to dream big, because there is no reason why you should limit your success.

Following Jennife Kushell’s example, I often like to encourage people to try dreaming wildly and childisly. If you had a magic wand, what would you wish? Dream Big and build your life the life you really want.

With this project we want to collect and share the best advice and Life-Changing Secrets 

Ilkka O. Lavas: Remember to Dream Big. Don't limit your success.We want to interview the best and most successful people on earth and share their best life-changing secrets to you. We want to share what are the real secrets behind becoming successful. We want to share how successful people live and what are their daily habits. Maybe those secrets are simple things that anyone can implement in life.  We want to share all these inspiring stories and leave a positive motivating cartoons here to be shared.

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We hope you enjoy the best Life-Changing Secrets and you have a successful life!

We want to collect and share the Best Advice and Life-Changing Secrets from the most successfulIlkka O. Lavas
Editor, founder
Life-Changing Secrets

Äni “Ani J” Jaatinen
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Life-Changing Secrets


Life-Changing Secrets is non profit organization sharing the best life advice in world and building the most inspiring cartoon together with the most successful people in the world for making world better place and for giving people free advice and sharing Life-Changing Secrets.
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